My Bio

Presently I live and work in the south of France, after many years spent abroad

I attribute my vocation to chance and I work with unusual objects, colors, details and strange shapes which catch my eyes

first in Prague, then in Athens I attended drawing and painting classes. After some years dedicated to acrylic, pastel and collage I discovered with great enthousiasm numeric painting

I capture in order to reinvent. I have found my virtual toolbox and play with the adjustments functions, the « magic » filters, etc…

my images are, like an abstract painting, accomplished instantly or worked upon patiently and recomposed for printing

the image, in progress or accomplished, is some sort of calm refuge for me or the expression of a chaos where colors bump into each other

light prevails

each project starts as an abstract work but I recognize afterwards shapes and colors from each country where I have lived

I travel now in a new universe which I like very much and draws me ever further


March 2013: exhibition contract with L’Axolotl, art gallery in Toulon, France

June 2012: with Anne Françoise Giraud, at Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

February 2012: with Anne Françoise Giraud, artist and Philippe Bastide, painter and stone mason, at Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

February 2012: « lecairemonamour#3″, with foreign artists living in Egypt, event created by Anne du Boistesselin, Cairo, Egypt

May 2009: solo exhibition, Novotel Hotel, Athens, Greece